Financial Planning Packages

Most people simply don't have the time or desire to design a plan to reach their financial goals. My job is to clarify what your goals are, draw up a strategy to help you attain them, and monitor your plan through completion. The following are the types of investing and financial planning services I provide. 

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Cost: $250 - $500, Ongoing monthly fee of $100 - $200

3 Month

Personal Financial Planning "Boot Camp"

The Boot Camp option is designed to span three consecutive months. During that time we'll come up with your budget. We'll also look at your current investment portfolio and make a decision if opening a brokerage account is right for you.  One possible solution could be modefying your current portfolios compositon. If you have held away investments, like a 401(k), we'll review the performance so that we're up to date. We will define your financial goals and have discussions about progress and accountability. Included in this option is debt consolidation to help you structurally pay down your debt and employee benefits review where I can provide you life insurance and /or review your policies. You will find our bi-monthly newsletter to be current and relatable.

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Cost: Innitial fee of $250 - $500

No Expiration

Personal Financial Planning "Elite"

The PFP Elite option includes four-30 minute meetings. During those meetings we'll gather data, define your goals, agree on a strategy to attain your goals, implement the strategy and monitor it to completion. Throughout this process I'll be available for when questions arise through a host of communication channels. To conclude we will provide you with a three page action plan to keep you on track. 

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Cost: 1% 


Investment Benefit Rider

The Investment Benefit is in addition to the Personal Financial Planning "Boot Camp" or "Elite" option. It's meant for busy professionals who want investment guidance.  At True Temper Financial, we know that there is no "one size fits all," for investments. We tailor a plan that is specific to your risk profile and you have access to your investments 24 hours a day. We provide investment services and education to those who's financial situation qualifies them for it. There is no investment minimum.