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Initial Interview 

The initial interview is after we've established that we're a good fit and we want to establish and define our advisory relationship. We'll get organized and focus on your goals and objectives, thoughts and ideas. 


Data Gathering Meeting

We'll focus on your current financial picture. We'll examine where we need to make adjustments in order to achieve what you want with your money. 


Analyzing your Current Financial Status

We'll work with a personalized budgeting tool to help maximize cash flow. As well as review the investments in your accounts to make sure they advantageous for present and future market conditions. 


Developing and Presenting Recommendations

Incorporating lifestyle and career changes into the current and future cash flow projection. 


Implementing the Recommendations

Strategize the execution of your long term investment plan consistent with your goals and risk tolerance. Coordinating the whole process with you and other professionals. Such as your attorney or CPA. 


Monitoring the Recommendations

Making sure you stay on track and are reaching your goals. Periodically review and adjust your strategy so that it remains in line with your current views about the present and future.