I'm sure you've seen on the news the bank's going to court to battle claims of skeptical sales tactics, deceit, and fraud. Had they put the interest of the client ahead of their own, their banks would still be compliant. According to the FDIC these same banks are only offering an average of 0.06 percent interest on savings accounts. Why go to one of these banks instead of opening your account with someone who has your best interest in mind. 

Our goal is twofold; reduce the fee's associated with brokerage services and earn more than the interest accrued in your bank account.

In fact, given today’s financial climate and uncertainty, many individuals are reevaluating their current investments and financial plans. At True Temper Financial Services, LLC, I offer publicly traded equity and fixed income investments using smart technology. I take time to understand you, your situation, and objectives so that I may design a portfolio of asset's to help you achieve your goals. With our arsenal of sophisticated and low cost investment products I can tailor a plan that is specific to your changing needs. 

I am not optimistic because I think the worst is over or that better times lie ahead; I am optimistic because I adhere to, the basic economic concepts such as supply and demand. Have a meeting with me and allow me to briefly share my ideas and philosophy about investments with you. 

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True Temper Financial Services, LLC is a New York and California registered investment advisor.