Investment Approach

Comprehensive Investment Strategies

Our firm utilizes what we believe to be an appropriate blend of fundamental, charting, and technical analyses. We evaluate economic factors including interest rates, the current state of the economy, and the future growth of an industry sector. We study the markets or economies as a whole in an effort to determine potential future behaviors, the estimation of price movement, and an evaluation of a transaction before entry into the market in terms of risk and profit potential. We do not typically employ market timing techniques or specific stock selection methods unless our clients request us to do so; instead we take a buy and hold strategy with periodic rebalancing of the account to maintain desired risk levels.



Portfolios built with this technique will yield higher returns with lower risk than any one investment within the portfolio.


Low Fees

No transaction fee’s to buy and sell ETFs because over time fees can have a big impact on your investment portfolio.


Automated Rebalancing

If the Target allocation deviates by more than 3% we sell overweight securities and buy underweight securities to rebalance the portfolio.


Insured Investment

The Securities Investor Protection Corp (SIPC) insures accounts up to $500,000 per individual account type.


Specialized Investment Strategy

Combining practical experience with nobel prize winning philosophies.


Personalized Service

Access to a Robo Advisor's automated investment advice and the opportunity to interact with a human advisor.

Personalized Portfolios 

At True Temper Financial, we start by calculating the amount of risk that you must take to reach your financial goals. Then we take into consideration the amount of risk you are comfortable with, to design a custom portfolio tailored to meet your return objectives.


Our plans are dynamic and consider factors such as time horizon, liquidity, and cash flow. The final product is an individualized investment plan aligned to meet your goal. We firmly believe that capital preservation is the best way our clients can realize long-term investment returns. We understand that everyone has different risk tolerances and investment goals. My job is to ask the right questions to develop the best possible solution to grow assets while minimizing risk.


Ultimately we hope to design a portfolio that is diversified globally across asset classes and geared toward satisfying each client's specific needs.


We believe in the Efficient Market Hypothesis that is a theory on how stock prices are constantly changing to reflect their intrinsic values. We also believe in the Fama-French Theory that states that investors must create portfolio’s with long term time horizons to ride out short-term volatility and obtain higher returns.

Our core portfolio use low cost passive ETFs and Mutual Funds.


We are capable of supporting a broad selection of accounts.

Individual Account

Joint Account

Roth IRA

Traditional IRA

Rollover IRA and 401(k)

Trust Accounts



True Temper Financial Services, LLC is a New York and California registered investment advisor.