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Hi I'm Alex and I take care of Millennials and Gen X who are starting to save. I do this by providing expert financial advice relating to the investments in their 401(k), IRA, and brokerage accounts. When appropriate, I open brokerage accounts for my clients. Additionally, I offer professional advice relating to financial services to help generation X & Y investors avoid common financial mistakes.


We’ll plan for your long term goals and

accomplish the short term ones along the way. Because...

a GOAL is more than an expectation of success.
It’s recognition that many steps make up a journey.

Right now, I'm seeing many of my clients get married and start having children. My passion is to be there for them, like a friend, informing them along the way. Together we'll work on:

-Prioritizing your financial goals

-Managing day to day expenses

-Saving for your future such as a wedding or engagement

-Restructuring credit card debt

-Supporting a child

-Building an emergency fund

-Personalizing retirement

-Buying a Car

-Affording a new home

-Establishing good credit

-Paying for school

-Organizing health care costs

-Paying off student loans to name a few.


Regardless of market conditions, I get paid to look at your financial picture with professional wariness and emotional objectivity. Leaning on my experience can make the difference between panicking in a down market or speculating in the next frenzy.